Learn to Edit in Adobe After Effects!

A short introduction: I am Elliot Ritchey, a multi media artist and senior partner with Striatum. I have been editing for about 5 years and have worked in multiple different industries relating to video editing. I am most experienced with making montages, trailers and 3D intros (in Element 3D.)

These are the lessons I'll be offering, if you have any specific requests please contact me here https://www.wearestriatum.com/en/elliotritchey0/person_messages/new

All lessons should be approximately 1 hour in length, unless otherwise noted.

- Tools and Layout Basics

- Animation Using Keyframes and Graph Editor

- How to Effectively Use Effects and Presets

- Introduction to 3D Layers and the Camera

- 3D Camera Tracking

- Introduction to Rotoscoping

- Introduction to Video Game Montages

- Syncing in Montages *Twixtor Plugin Recommended*

- Color Correction in Montages

- Pancrop (approx. 20 mins)

- Exploring Effects in Montages

- Using the 3D Camera Tracker Effectively in Montages

*Please note that E3D stands for Element 3D, a 3rd party plug-in for After Effects by Video Copilot.

- Introduction to E3D (approx. 2 hours)

- Importing Logos from Illustrator to E3D (approx. 20 mins)

- Importing Cinema 4D Scenes into E3D (approx. 30 mins)

- Importing E3D Scenes into Montages with the 3D Camera Tracker


Please give me at least 48 hours to prepare for a lesson so I can teach you accordingly. For example, if it's Monday do not schedule a lesson with me for Tuesday , wait to schedule on either Wednesday or a later date.

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