Call of Duty Edit

- Prices range from $2 per clip and the minimum amount of clips is 3. Max Clips are 10 clips. These clips are edited with my complete time and effort, including cinematics, effects, an intro/outro for your team or personal intro/outro and anything else you want me to include. You can choose the song however if I get to choose the song I will make sure it is better as I know what style I'm best at editing. It is $5 extra per each motion tracked cinematic and you can have as many of those as you would like.

I can record CoD Cines

If you wish to purchase an edit you can DM me on My Striatum Page and I will do my best to respond

As I am editing this for you, my client, I do have the rights to upload the finished video to my channel.

- You can DM me on Twitter (@RealAnarchyy) when wanting to talk about possible editing client work but please only email me if you are 100% serious about working with me, prices are set in order to ensure serious clients only. Price is also non-negotiable.

The edit will be shown to you when I am done and will have a watermark over it so I know people will not steal it and not pay the money that was required of them for the edit. If the person/team doesn’t pay for the edit I have the rights to change like I want it and have the right to upload it to my personal or my own team channel and have the right to copyright strike the video. Feel free to email me with any other editing requests that don’t fit into the points above and I’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

Thanks for your time!

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