Information about Striatum



Striatum stri·a·tum (strī-ā'təm)  n. pl. stri·a·ta (-tə) : A collective term for the caudate nucleus, the putamen, and the globuspallidus,  which form the corpus striatum.

...Okay, probably not the answer you were looking for when you asked "What is Striatum?"...

Striatum is an agency committed to the growth, security, and professional development of artists in the gaming community. Our service exists as a resource to both artists and clients to ensure that the creative process is handled with accountability for both parties to ensure that a fair trasaction takes place on every project. Striatum has developed an escrow-style payment system that builds in both automated and personalized support that ensures the protection of project funding and valuable working time so that incredible custom projects can be completed with peace-of-mind and premium administrative support.

The Striatum staff is composed of both creative and logic minded people who have set out on a mission to be a reliable partner for our artists and a trusted asset to their clients. Welcome to the new standard in creative commerce.

We're just getting started.