"NoirKane" was created because I wanted to take my skills from a corporate work-space and translate it into a service for my peers. Raised in a family-run media branding company, I possess the training, creativity, and discipline to create crisp and impactful content for all viewers.

Always learning. Always improving. Staying Excellent.

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I know i give him a lot of smack and what not, but this man is gonna go places and do good things. Honestly he is a big reason that i one day wanna do my own things, or be cool enough to collab with this man. he is super big into it looking good and clean and i like that. Glad he is a friend

Tyler about listing "Darling AMV" - Dedicated to Winnie 4 days ago.

Done beyond my expectations was very communicative throughout the process and could not have asked anyone better to do it for me. Definitely recommend this guy for projects

Robert about listing Animated Logo Intro - Twist3d Drift3r 5 months ago.


Jesse about listing Lethal End Card 6 months ago.