Information about Striatum

How it works

How it works

Striatum is committed to adding professionalism and accountability to the commissioning artist community in gaming.  Both artists and their clients now have a partner to assist in their transactions for all types of custom or pre-made work from both a support and financial role.  Everyone is free to make an account as a client, however artists must go through a brief screening process before they are authorized to begin posting jobs.

You are the investors in our world.  Your choice to use Striatum as your connection to artists is what will be the resource pool that helps these individuals and creative groups grow in the gaming community so that we can continue to advance in professionalism and push the boundaries of everyone from game videography to brand recognition.  Striatum is here to provide you with a guarantee that your job requests will be handled professionally and delivered as agree'd or your project funds will be returned to you.  Striatum controls its own payment system by asking for 100% of the project funds upfront so that every artist knows the funds exist, however we also hold the funds separate from your commissioned artist so that they can only be paid with your approval.  In the event that your artist fails to deliver your project as agree'd, you may request a full refund.  Project disputes will be investigated to determine appropriate action, and we find that most disputes can be resolved and mediated fairly where both parties act with integrity.  In the event of fraud or dishonest activity, Striatum will remove the artist from the transaction and deal with the client directly to resolve the dispute appropriately. 
Bottom line - you as a client are extremely important in this process, and we are here to give you peace of mind by holding both parties (client & artist) accountable for a fair and agreeable transaction.  We are always available and ready to help you every step of the way.

Artist Partnership
As an artist, Striatum is here to be a stable growth environment for you.  Our partnership program is designed to reward artists who show consistent commitment to their craft, their clients, and their community.  Once you are approved to post jobs on Striatum, you are officially considered a Partner, and will receive the full benefits of our service including all of the sites features, and full staff support for all of your projects.  That means everything from price negotiation assistance, to project protection as we will assist with any and all client disputes and chargebacks on your behalf, so long as your work ethics and integrity are intact.  Every transaction through Striatum will be subject to a 20% commission fee used to fund growth projects such as the Senior & Executive Partnership programs, Staff compensation, and quarterly charitable donations equal to 4% of overall Striatum profits.

The Senior Partnership Program is designed as a milestone for those who excel in growing their brand and personal business.  Once an artist has reached $2,000 (subject to change) in overall revenue gained, they may submit an application for Senior Partnership status.  The Striatum staff will then overview all of your jobs and client reviews, and either approve Senior Partnership status, or provide feedback on improvements that must be made for approval based on your performance.  Senior Partnership makes you an official brand partner with Striatum, and we will begin to further invest in your growth as an artist.  Benefits of Senior Partnership include...
  • An Elgato Capture card (or) Drawing Tablet
  • Custom Striatum Apparel
  • Reoccurring GFuel Energy Shipments
  • Prioritized positioning and branding
  • Software cost reimbursement program
  • Profit sharing program with our sponsors

The Executive Partnership Program is the next step of higher tier business level development for both artists and larger creative-based organizations.  Program details are TBA in 2018.