Elliot Ritchey

Hello, my name is Elliot Ritchey and I am a Striatum senior partner. I have been with Striatum longer than any other junior or senior partner, so I am extremely familiar with everything you need to know about Striatum, including our origin, goals and of course our commission system. I have been practicing the art of video editing for about 4 years, starting with doing YouTube intros, moving onto motion graphics and visual effects and then to what I do now: video game montages and trailers.

Even more than an artist I am a businessman. I love and value making good, fair deals. I am very common sense oriented and I see everything as it is, in black and white. If you are a client then I am working for YOU and I make whatever you want. I don't have my own motives for projects, my task is to deliver what you desire.

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