Hello, my name is Vlad and I'm a professional gaming video editor (2014-present). I edited over 1000 CLIPS and if you want to see my best works, please check this playlist! (https://goo.gl/ofRMq6).

Why me?

• Video Editor.

• ‎Motion Graphics Designer.

• ‎Video Effects Designer.

• ‎Sound Effects Designer.

• ‎3D Intros.

• ‎Color Correction.


What Contests did I win?

• OCC (One Clip Contest) - 8th (week 250), 10th (week 260), 1st (week 263), 2nd (week 265).

• ‎C2E (Clips To Edit) - 4th (week 10).

• ‎MN (MovieNations) - 2nd (Summer Season).


Who did I work with?

• Mid.tv - Gaming Organization.

• ‎WAG (We Are Gamers) - Gaming Organization.

• ‎eRa - Gaming Organization.


What games do I edit?

• CS 1.6, CS:S, CS:GO.

• ‎COD MW1, MW2, BO2, BO3.

• ‎DESTINY 1/2.


• ETC.


What software do I use?

• Adobe After Effects

• Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Media Encoder

• Adobe InDesign

• Source FilmMaker

• Vegas Pro


Social media:

https://www.youtube.com/c/dnsqe https://twitter.com/dnsqe https://www.instagram.com/dnsqe/

If you got any questions, please contact me!

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Great to work with and great editor! Thanks a lot! :D

Travis about listing Fortnite Montage for travis 4 months ago.

Good guy! Never had a single problem with him.

Michael about listing KGB777 Video Project 4 months ago.
Ph profile

Hey bro, you were really easy to work with. I kept asking for a lot of changes and you came through for me. I told you from the start if anyone could pull off an anime OP in a montage it was you. I really enjoyed working with you and the montage came out great, it's something to be proud of.

When I want a Destiny 2 montage in the near future you'll definitely be my go to person. You communicated with me well, apologised when necessary and gave me everything I asked for. I really felt like I was talking to a friend, not someone cold who was just doing a job for me. Keep in touch on twitter.

Send us a friend request on MAL if you have an account my otaku brethren (https://myanimelist.net/profile/PATHARRISON)

Looks good :)


Pat about listing Destiny montage for YT PHFACETS 7 months ago.