Prices: $60 per minute of the montage.

(Too much? No one's forcing you to come to me for an edit, if you cannot pay then simply find another editor no harm done).

Please refrain from contacting me until you are ready for me to start editing, which means have all the footage recorded and payment as well.

You can contact me on Twitter for the quickest response.


I edit the following games:

- Destiny 1 & 2

- Fortnite


- Overwatch

- Battlefield

- (open for any game)

Music choice has to be agreed on by both sides. Since I am the editor, I will need music that is editable to otherwise the result will not be as good.

Please have all footage recorded in 60FPS for the best quality (excluding Destiny of course).

I don't mind editing 30FPS, however, it will not be of same quality. Please do not render 30FPS clips as 60FPS.

For more specific projects (YouTube video editing, IRL edits, etc), contact me and we can work something out.

All my edits can be seen by clicking the link below. I have mostly edited Destiny and have a couple of Fortnite and COD edits in here. However, editing is more or less the same across multiple games so the result should be similar to these:


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Fast and reliable! Super easy to work with and really underrated :)

Tasty about listing Intro and Transition Cins for DooM Tasty 2 months ago.

this was freaking amazing dude, thanks for the edit.

Kevin about listing NLB Pro Destiny Montage 3 months ago.

Everything went well! Very nice job and thank you!

Zoltzapor about listing Destiny Montage for Zoltzapor Gaming 4 months ago.