4A Studios

My name is Roger and I'm the editor of 4A Studios.

We are a small studio focused on special effects applied with simplicity, elegance, beauty and subtlety, to create a cinematographic and epic sensation with your footage and ideas.

We'are proficient in the creation of montages, intros, adding special effects with any kind of footage.

We have experience with Destiny 1, Destiny 2, Overwatch, CSGO, Call of Duty and many many more games.

You can watch and follow all my montages, intros and work in progress here:




If you have any questions about my work or my process, feel free to ask, I'd be very happy to help and even happier to work for you in the next big thing.

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Targaryen banner by raenyras d601uwa

The Project ended up as an absolute joy and beauty to behold.

The communication with the editor was easy, natural, and the creative flow he had was simply amazing.

There is no doubt that it is the easiest time ive had working with an editor for a project, and it is the best work ive seen done, for the vision ive had for my project.

I would highly recommend 4A for whatever project you are working on. If you value quality, well made edits and a workflow thats a beauty to behold. Then he is your man.

Kaijuu about listing Kaijuu 6 days ago.

best editor

Steve about listing Epilogue SBA Montage 1 month ago.