No more starving, Artists.

Excellent Service, Fair Rates, and No Scamming.

Not just a Marketplace, but a Philosophy

Whether you are an Artist selling your services, or a Client looking for custom work, your choice to use Striatum has a purpose above just an exchange of resources. Every transaction results in one more step towards fair rates, reliable service, and a standard of integrity that systematically eliminates scamming.

How it works

Creative Services

We offer our benefits to the following creative services

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Benefits for Artists and their Clients

Artist Benefits

• Striatum takes full accountability for every transaction through PayPal. Never worry about unjustified chargebacks again.

• We will pay all those pesky PayPal fees on your behalf as part of your membership.

• As long as you act with integrity, we will cover up to 20% of your refunded jobs if they don't work out.

• Virtually unlimited file-transfer space on our Google-Drive so that you can exchange quickly with clients.

• Once you reach $2000 in net sales, you can be upgraded to Senior Partner status and gain higher tier benefits and rewards as we further invest in your growth with Striatum. More details here

Client Benefits

• Full refund up to your first preview. If you're not liking the direction your hired Artist is going, we will gladly send your money back so you can find someone who fits your vision.

• 100% of your funds are protected. If an Artist disappears or acts without integrity in any way, we will send your money back and deal with the issue on our end.

• Humans are involved in each transaction. Our staff are monitoring transactions and if anything comes up, we will personally be there to help deal with it.

Our Values

Excellent Service

We believe that automation can only take you so far. Our staff is committed to being present, keeping your benefits intact, and adjusting our system to an evolving market.

Fair Rates

Everything about our system revolves around supporting fair rates for Artists. They take the time to invest in their craft, and must be compensated fairly for offering to use that skill to make the visions of others possible.

No Scamming

Custom work can lead to either lost money or lost time without proper mediation. Striatum takes pride in our system that allows for ZERO scams and fair outcomes in the event of a dispute.

Senior Partner Listings

Our Senior Partners are those whom have measurably demonstrated a commitment to their Craft, their Clients, and their Community. Striatum invests even more into these individuals to further support their professional progress. Each month we highlight 3 different Senior Partner listings, but you can find them all in our marketplace.

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